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Strategic Planning for the Far Eastern Curlew

Charles Darwin University, Australia

This project will analyse the relationship between feeding and roosting habitat of the Far Eastern Curlew (Numenius madagascariensis) within Darwin Harbour of the Northern Territory. The aim is to develop strategic guidelines for the conservation of this Critically Endangered species. The project will assess the overall availability of suitable habitats, the impacts of developments within the Darwin Port and the ways in which these impacts could be mitigated. This information will be used to guide sustainable development and give certainty to Departmental policy decision makers, assessment officers, proponents, developers, planners and regulators about habitat protection and offsets.

Project Summary


Numenius (Numenius) madagascariensis
Eastern Curlew


Darwin Harbour, Northern Territory

Date Range

2017-11-21 to 2017-12-11


2 animals


929 detections

Spatial Reference System


Data Access

Open Access

The data in this project is publicly available under a Creative Commons Attribution License. If you use these data in any type of publication then you must cite the project DOI (if available) or any published peer-reviewed papers associated with the study. We strongly encourage you to contact the data custodians to discuss data usage and appropriate accreditation.


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